Power Rewards –Your Virtual Power Plant

If you have a heat pump, EV or electric heating, sign up for FREE Power RewardsTM membership NOW and let us trade your flexibility

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Power RewardsTM app. We will run a trial with the National Grid for trading power from heat pumps, electric vehicles (EVs), electric boilers and other technologies.

For a 7KW load flexibility, we're aiming to trade up to £350 cashback annually for our members. Sign up now and let your heating devices earn money for you (smart meter required).

The Power RewardsTM app syncs with your energy devices, such as an electric vehicle (EV), heat pump, smart plug or electric boiler thermostat, via an encrypted end-to-end protocol.

To earn up to £350 a year through our trading system, simply log in to your car/heat pump/smart plug account and the device will automatically switch on and off when a 'grid event' happens. You have the choice to opt in or out of each grid event.

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