Power Rewards FAQ

What is Power RewardsTM event?
Power Rewards event is a free service that rewards you for saving energy when the National Grid is under stress. You will receive a notification about 10-15 times per year to save energy for 30 minutes to 3 hours (normally 1-2 hours). You will get paid for the energy you have saved comparing to your historic usage. 

Do I need to change supplier?
No, Our role is call aggregator in the market. You can be with any suppliers to join this scheme

Can I join if I am on a Time of User tariff?
Yes, you can join with any tariff

Does this service apply to gas?
No, it is only electricity

Is this service legit?
Power Rewards is a type of service call DSR(Demand Side Response). The industrial side of DSR service has been used by the grid for over decades. We have extend it to the residential side. It is legit.

How does the Power Rewards system work?
When the grid is under stress, Power Rewards coordinates and combines the flexibility across thousands of households and small businesses to save energy. The National Grid pays Power Rewards  for those savings, then Power Rewards passes along those payments to participants.

Is there a fee to join Power Rewards?
Power Rewards does not charge any fees. The app is free to download and membership is free. Members can turn off electric heating, air conditioning and appliances for an hour or two around 10 times per year. If you reduce enough energy during a Power Rewards event, you'll earn points that you cash out to your PayPal account or receive a gift card. Members can use our app to upload their WiFi thermostat or smart plugs to enjoy plug and forget for automate participation in Power Rewards events.

How often do Power Rewards events happen?
Power Rewards events happen 10-12 times a year for an hour or two. You will receive a notification on the app before each Power Rewards event. If any of your appliances are connected to Power Rewards platform using a Wifi thermostat, smart plug or other listed devices, your participation will be automatic.

What should I do during a Power Rewards  event to reduce power?
There are many ways you can reduce your energy usage during a Power Rewards event. Here are a few recommendations: 
· Set your air conditioning to a higher temperature in summer or a lower temperature in winter, or turn it off. A smart thermostat will also enable Power Rewards to do this for you during Power Rewards events
· Set your electric heating/electric boiler to a lower temperature or turn it off
· Avoid running the dishwasher, washer dryer, vacuum cleaner, or power tools during that time
· Turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used.
· Avoid opening your refrigerator and freezer during Power Rewards events

How do I earn points?
Points are awarded for using less energy during Power Rewards events. The more energy you save against your historic usage, the more points you will earn.

How does Power Rewards protect my data?
We take security very seriously. We use the strongest security protocols at every juncture. An encryption process is used while dealing with energy trading data. All personal information is stored on London-based physically isolated servers. All management and storage of personal data complies with GDPR regulations, details of which can be found at www.orangepower.co.uk/orange-power-privacy-policy. Power Rewards does not sell your data to third parties, nor does it share your data with any parties besides the grid and the energy market. Any sharing of energy data with the grid is anonymised (MPAN number only, no address or other personal information).

How does Power Rewards make money?
Power Rewards trades flexibility in different energy markets like a power plant. Our energy delivery is measured based on the forecasted use of our members versus their actual usage. Grid companies pay us for helping to reduce energy usage during a grid event (10-15 times per year). We aim for an annual 20/80 split of revenue with our members.

How do I know if my set up was successful?
If your metering page in the app is showing half hourly chart. You are all set and good to go.

No smart meter?
You need a smart meter to get paid with Power Rewards. That's how we track and validate your energy savings so we can help you to earn rewards. If you don't have a smart meter, contact your supplier to get one installed.

What can I do if my IHD verification fails.
There are about 3 million smart meter missing in the DCC(Smart meter database). You can try our NonIHD consent route with our new version of the app. You can also check to see if your smart meter is in the DCC database.

Can I sign up with more than one National Grid DFS scheme provider.

According to National Grid Terms and Conditions, one household can only sign up with one DFS scheme provider. Please check the approved provider list to avoid duplication. Any duplicated meter id might be blocked for DFS payment